Inquiries about JVN

If you require more information or have any questions about JVN, please contact us at


Q01: Can I put a link to JVN website on my website? Can I introduce the JVN website and its screen images on my website?
A01: Yes, you can. Please feel free to do so.
Q02: Can I quote sentences from the JVN website?
A02: Yes, you can. However, we would appreciate it if you could inform us that you used information on our website. This is because we would like to know who quoted us for reference to improve the content of the information.
Please e-mail to let us know.
Q03: URLs linked from the JVN website seem to be invalid.
A03: Third party pages that are not in JVN may be relocated without notice to us. If you ever find invalid URLs in JVN, please let us know.
Q04: Can I use the JVN banner? JVN
A04: Yes, you can. Both private and corporate users can use the banner available on the JVN website. Insert the HTML tag shown below into the place where you want to display the JVN banner. Note, however, you can use the banner only as a link button to JVN.
Q05: I found a vulnerability in a software product. What should I do?
A05: Please contact us at