Published: 2015/09/29  Last Updated: 2015/09/29

Information from The Apache Software Foundation

Vulnerability ID:JVN#21612597
Title:Apache Cordova plugin cordova-plugin-file-transfer vulnerable to HTTP header injection

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CVE-2015-5204: HTTP header injection vulnerability in Apache Cordova File
Transfer Plugin for Android


The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
Cordova Android File Transfer Plugin (1.2.1 and below)

Android applications built with the Cordova framework that use the File
Transfer Plugin can have the HTTP headers set by that plugin be manipulated
by the filename being uploaded. This allows for for cookies to be forged
by the Cordova application, or for the file payload to be replaced in some
situations. Remotely hosted applications and applications developed with
Cordova that allow the user to manually enter the filename are
especially vulnerable to this issue.

Upgrade path:
Developers who are concerned about this issue should install version 1.3.0
or higher of the Cordova File Transfer Plugin and rebuild their
applications. This plugin now conforms with RFC-2616 and no longer allows
non-ASCII characters and control characters in header names or values.
Any non-ASCII
characters will be removed from the header. Developers should be aware,
and encode these
characters before adding the values to the header.

This issue was discovered by Muneaki Nishimura (Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc.)