Published:2014/12/02  Last Updated:2014/12/02

Information from NTT DOCOMO, INC.

Vulnerability ID:JVN#06302787
Title:OS command injection vulnerability in multiple FUJITSU Android devices

This is a statement from the vendor itself with no modification by JPCERT/CC.

The following devices are affected.
Software updates were available for all the affected devices in 2012.
Customers are advised to apply the latest software updates.

- F-12C (software update available on 2012/4/4)
- ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D (software update available on 2012/7/9)
- ARROWS Kiss F-03D (software update available on 2012/2/27)
- REGZA Phone T-01D (software update available on 2012/4/2)