Published:2012/11/30  Last Updated:2012/11/30


Vulnerability ID:JVN#83907168
Title:Multiple KYOCERA mobile devices may reboot during email reception

This is a statement from the vendor itself with no modification by JPCERT/CC.

The affected products are only available in Japan with Japanese menus, therefore the names of the menu options and messages in this vendor statement are in Japanese.

Please receive the target email on PC from the mail server
by following the instruction below.

1. Go to [パソコンやPDAの設定] on the online sign-up screen:
Select [オンラインサインアップ] from the cellular phone menu,
Select [5.パソコンやPDAの設定] to view [パソコンやPDAの設定]

2. Confirm Settings:
Push [ここ] button below the following message

3. Obtain the information in order to receive email from Willcom:
Please be sure to write down or copy/save the following information
displayed on the screen after Step 2. above is performed.

    POPID            : p070XXXXXXXX
    Type of incoming mail server: POP3
    Name of incoming mail server:
    Name of outgoing mail server:
    Dial-up user name : prin
    Dial-up password : prin

4. Set the information obtained from the Step 3. above on the
mail client on your PC.

The purpose of these steps described above is to receive
the target email on your PC from the mail server. Therefore,
please be sure not to leave copies of messages on the mail server.

5. Receive the target email on your PC:
On your PC, launch the data transfer function of the PHS device,
connect to the Willcom internet connection service (PRIN) by
using that function, and then receive the target email with
your PC configured in Step 4. above.

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