Past Announcements

November 26, 2012
JPCERT Coordination Center

JVNVU will change starting on 2012/12/3

Until now, JVNVU# have been assigned in conjunction with CERT/CC's assignment of vulnerability identification numbers (VU#). Starting in 12/3/2012, releases on JVN will use a new numbering scheme. Identification numbers that were assigned in conjunction with VU# (*1) will be independently assigned. Please note that the identification number will go from 6 digits to an independently assigned 8 digit number (ex. JVNVU#12345678). Vulnerability information using the new JVNVU numbering scheme will still be information that is obtained and coordinated with our international counterparts.

*1: Until now, VU#123456 -> JVNVU#123456. The number was assigned in conjunction.