Published:2013/08/21  Last Updated:2013/08/21

PHP OpenID Library vulnerable to XML external entity injection


The PHP OpenID Library contains an XML external entity injection vulnerability.

Products Affected

  • PHP OpenID Library versions 2.2.2 and earlier


The PHP OpenID Library contains an XML external entity injection vulnerability.


When processing specially crafted XRDS data, information on the server may be disclosed or server resources may be consumed excessively.


Apply a Patch
The source code in the repository has been fixed. Please apply the fixed code according to the code committed by the developer.

Vendor Status

Vendor Link
PHP OpenID Library Project disable external XML entities and libxml errors


JPCERT/CC Addendum

Vulnerability Analysis by JPCERT/CC

Analyzed on 2013.08.21

Measures Conditions Severity
Access Required can be attacked over the Internet using packets
  • High
Authentication anonymous or no authentication (IP addresses do not count)
  • High
User Interaction Required the vulnerability can be exploited without an honest user taking any action
  • High
Exploit Complexity some expertise and/or luck required (most buffer overflows, guessing correctly in small space, expertise in Windows function calls)
  • Mid-High

Description of each analysis measures


Takeshi Terada from Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc. and Kosuke Ebihara reported this vulnerability to IPA.
JPCERT/CC coordinated with the developer under Information Security Early Warning Partnership.

Other Information

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CERT Advisory
CPNI Advisory
CVE CVE-2013-4701
JVN iPedia JVNDB-2013-000080