Published:2012/11/14  Last Updated:2012/11/14

Information from NTT DOCOMO, INC.

Vulnerability ID:JVN#74829345
Title:Multiple Android devices vulnerable to denial-of-service (DoS)

This is a statement from the vendor itself with no modification by JPCERT/CC.

The following devices are affected.
Software updates were available for all the affected devices in 2011.
Customers are advised to apply the latest software updates.

- AQUOS PHONE SH-12C (software update available on 2011/10/31)
- AQUOS PHONE f SH-13C (software update available on 2011/09/22)
- MEDIAS N-04C (software update available on 2011/12/15)
- MEDIAS WP N-06C (software update available on 2011/12/19)
- F-12C (software update available on 2011/09/22)
- REGZA Phone T-01C(OS version up software available on 2011/05/18): Please apply the OS version up software.