What is JVNJS/RSS?

JVNJS/RSS is a feed system to syndicate an overview of the vulnerability information provided on the JVN website. Titles, URLs, overviews, and other data of vulnerability notes are syndicated in JavaScript (JS) format and in RDF Site Summary (RSS) format. The information is shown by category and by new or updated classification.


JVNRSS stands for JVN RDF Site Summary. It is an XML format for distributing vulnerability solutions provided on the JVN website. JVNRSS is based on RSS 1.0.

JVN new/updated information
RSS feedNew/updated 15 articles
JVN information by category
Japan Vulnerability Notes - JPRSS feedFor the latest year
Japan Vulnerability Notes - JP(Unreachable)RSS feedFor the latest year
TRnotesRSS feedFor the latest year
JVN iPedia - Vulnerability Database
RSS feedNew information 25 articles
RSS feedNew/updated 25 articles
RSS feedInformation by year

Notes on use of JVNJS/RSS