Vulnerability Reports JP

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2023/09/22 JVN#97197972:
Multiple vulnerabilities in WordPress plugin "Welcart e-Commerce"
2023/09/11 JVN#41113329:
Pyramid vulnerable to directory traversal
2023/09/06 JVN#42691027:
"direct" Desktop App for macOS fails to restrict access permissions
2023/09/05 JVN#78113802:
Multiple vulnerabilities in F-RevoCRM
2023/09/05 JVN#92720882:
Multiple vulnerabilities in CGIs of PMailServer and PMailServer2
2023/09/04 JVN#82758000:
Multiple vulnerabilities in SHIRASAGI
2023/08/31 JVN#60140221:
Multiple vulnerabilities in i-PRO VI Web Client
2023/08/24 JVN#86484824:
SYNCK GRAPHICA Mailform Pro CGI vulnerable to Regular expression Denial-of-Service (ReDoS)
2023/08/24 JVN#03447226:
"Skylark" App fails to restrict custom URL schemes properly
2023/08/23 JVN#55217369:
Rakuten WiFi Pocket vulnerable to improper authentication
2023/08/21 JVN#98946408:
WordPress Plugin "Advanced Custom Fields" vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2023/08/21 JVN#04876736:
Multiple vulnerabilities in LuxCal Web Calendar
2023/08/18 JVN#19661362:[Critical]
Multiple vulnerabilities in Proself
2023/08/17 JVN#46993816:
EC-CUBE 2 series vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2023/08/09 JVN#84820712:
"Rikunabi NEXT" App for Android fails to restrict custom URL schemes properly
2023/08/07 JVN#42527152:
"FFRI yarai" and "FFRI yarai Home and Business Edition" handle exceptional conditions improperly
2023/08/07 JVN#83334799:
Multiple vulnerabilities in Special Interest Group Network for Analysis and Liaison's API
2023/08/04 JVN#38847224:
Fujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) stores sensitive information in cleartext
2023/08/02 JVN#61337171:
SEIKO EPSON printer Web Config vulnerable to denial-of-service (DoS)
2023/07/26 JVN#95727578:
Fujitsu Real-time Video Transmission Gear "IP series" uses a hard-coded credentials
2023/07/24 JVN#37857022:
Improper restriction of XML external entity references (XXE) in Applicant Programme
2023/07/21 JVN#35897618:[Critical]
GBrowse vulnerable to unrestricted upload of files with dangerous types
2023/07/20 JVN#90560760:
Multiple vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugin "TS Webfonts for SAKURA"
2023/07/18 JVN#44726469:
Improper restriction of XML external entity references (XXE) in XBRL data create application
2023/07/11 JVN#05223215:
Multiple vulnerabilities in multiple ELECOM wireless LAN routers and wireless LAN repeaters
2023/07/03 JVN#64316789:
Multiple vulnerabilities in SoftEther VPN and PacketiX VPN
2023/06/30 JVN#32739265:
"NewsPicks" App uses a hard-coded API key for an external service
2023/06/27 JVN#97127032:
WordPress Plugin "Snow Monkey Forms" vulnerable to directory traversal
2023/06/27 JVN#78634340:
Multiple vulnerabilities in WAVLINK WL-WN531AX2
2023/06/27 JVN#38343415:
Multiple vulnerabilities in Aterm series
2023/06/22 JVN#97818024:
Multiple vulnerabilities in Pleasanter
2023/06/20 JVN#70502982:
SYNCK GRAPHICA Mailform Pro CGI vulnerable to Regular expression Denial-of-Service (ReDoS)
2023/06/16 JVN#19748237:
Multiple vulnerabilities in Panasonic AiSEG2
2023/06/13 JVN#96828492:
Chatwork Desktop Application (Mac) vulnerable to code injection
2023/06/12 JVN#36060509:
"WPS Office" vulnerable to OS command injection
2023/06/09 JVN#34232595:
ASUS Router RT-AX3000 vulnerable to using sensitive cookies without 'Secure' attribute
2023/06/09 JVN#28412757:
Multiple vulnerabilities in Inaba Denki Sangyo Wi-Fi AP UNIT
2023/06/01 JVN#33836375:
"Jiyu Kukan Toku-Toku coupon" App vulnerable to improper server certificate verification
2023/05/31 JVN#62111727:
Pleasanter vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2023/05/31 JVN#38222042:
DataSpider Servista uses a hard-coded cryptographic key
2023/05/30 JVN#95981715:
Starlette vulnerable to directory traversal
2023/05/26 JVN#19243534:
ESS REC Agent Server Edition for Linux etc. vulnerable to directory traversal
2023/05/25 JVN#90278893:
Wacom Tablet Driver installer for macOS vulnerable to improper link resolution before file access
2023/05/22 JVN#45127776:
Tornado vulnerable to open redirect
2023/05/19 JVN#14778242:
Multiple vulnerabilities in T&D and ESPEC MIC data logger products
2023/05/18 JVN#48687031:
Qrio Smart Lock Q-SL2 vulnerable to authentication bypass by capture-replay
2023/05/15 JVN#41694426:
Multiple vulnerabilities in Cybozu Garoon
2023/05/15 JVN#01093915:
Multiple vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugin "MW WP Form" and "Snow Monkey Forms"
2023/05/12 JVN#11705010:
Beekeeper Studio vulnerable to code injection
2023/05/10 JVN#31701509:
Multiple vulnerabilities in MicroEngine Mailform
2023/05/09 JVN#59341308:
WordPress Plugin "Newsletter" vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2023/05/09 JVN#95792402:
WordPress Plugin "VK Blocks" and "VK All in One Expansion Unit" vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2023/05/09 JVN#80476232:
SR-7100VN vulnerable to privilege escalation
2023/05/08 JVN#13306058:
JINS MEME CORE uses a hard-coded cryptographic key
2023/05/08 JVN#01937209:
LINE WORKS Drive Explorer vulnerable to code injection
2023/04/24 JVN#00971105:
WordPress Plugin "Appointment and Event Booking Calendar for WordPress - Amelia" vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2023/04/19 JVN#73178249:
Improper restriction of XML external entity references (XXE) in Shinseiyo Sogo Soft
2023/04/19 JVN#99657911:
WordPress plugin "LIQUID SPEECH BALLOON” vulnerable to cross-site request forgery
2023/04/19 JVN#50862842:
EC-CUBE plugin "NEXT ENGINE Integration Plugin (for EC-CUBE 2.0 series)" vulnerable to authentication bypass
2023/04/17 JVN#14492006:
API server of TONE Family vulnerable to authentication bypass using an alternate path
2023/04/17 JVN#87559956:
Joruri Gw vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2023/04/14 JVN#36340790:
JB Inquiry form vulnerable to exposure of private personal information to an unauthorized actor
2023/04/14 JVN#76257155:
Trend Micro Security may insecurely load Dynamic Link Libraries
2023/04/04 JVN#79149117:
Multiple vulnerabilities in JustSystems products
2023/04/04 JVN#75742861:
Improper restriction of XML external entity references (XXE) in National land numerical information data conversion tool
2023/03/31 JVN#38170084:
HAProxy vulnerable to HTTP request/response smuggling
2023/03/31 JVN#40604023:[Critical]
Multiple vulnerabilities in Seiko Solutions SkyBridge MB-A100/A110/A200/A130 SkySpider MB-R210
2023/03/27 JVN#61105618:
baserCMS vulnerable to arbitrary file uploads
2023/03/24 JVN#35246979:
ELECOM WAB-MAT registers its windows service executable with an unquoted file path
2023/03/17 JVN#62420378:
TP-Link T2600G-28SQ uses vulnerable SSH host keys
2023/03/13 JVN#64453490:
Android App "Wolt Delivery: Food and more" uses a hard-coded API key for an external service
2023/03/08 JVN#82424996:
Multiple vulnerabilities in SEIKO EPSON printers/network interface Web Config
2023/03/06 JVN#19872280:
Multiple vulnerabilities in PostgreSQL extension module pg_ivm
2023/03/01 JVN#57224029:
Multiple vulnerabilities in SS1 and Rakuraku PC Cloud
2023/02/28 JVN#04785663:
Multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in EC-CUBE
2023/02/28 JVN#78253670:
web2py development tool vulnerable to open redirect
2023/02/22 JVN#18765463:
Multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in SHIRASAGI
2023/02/14 JVN#00712821:
Improper restriction of XML external entity reference (XXE) vulnerability in tsClinical Define.xml Generator and tsClinical Metadata Desktop Tools
2023/02/14 JVN#60263237:
The installers of ELECOM Camera Assistant and QuickFileDealer may insecurely load Dynamic Link Libraries
2023/02/13 JVN#98612206:
Multiple vulnerabilities in PLANEX COMMUNICATIONS Network Camera CS-WMV02G
2023/02/10 JVN#60320736:
NEC PC Settings Tool vulnerable to missing authentication for critical function
2023/02/06 JVN#11257333:
Ichiran App vulnerable to improper server certificate verification
2023/01/31 JVN#22830348:
Vulnerability in Driver Distributor where passwords are stored in a recoverable format
2023/01/31 JVN#84642320:
SUSHIRO App for Android outputs sensitive information to the log file
2023/01/24 JVN#01398015:
pgAdmin 4 vulnerable to directory traversal
2023/01/24 JVN#05288621:
EasyMail vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2023/01/23 JVN#72418815:
Pgpool-II vulnerable to information disclosure
2023/01/17 JVN#31073333:
WordPress plugin "Welcart e-Commerce" vulnerable to directory traversal
2023/01/12 JVN#57296685:
Multiple vulnerabilities in PIXELA PIX-RT100
2023/01/11 JVN#99957889:
Multiple vulnerabilities in MAHO-PBX NetDevancer series
2023/01/11 JVN#03832974:
pgAdmin 4 vulnerable to open redirect
2023/01/11 JVN#78481846:
TP-Link SG105PE vulnerable to authentication bypass
2023/01/06 JVN#55675303:
Digital Arts m-FILTER vulnerable to improper authentication
2023/01/05 JVN#16765254:
Multiple code injection vulnerabilities in ruby-git


2022/12/21 JVN#29902403:
Installers generated by Squirrel.Windows may insecurely load Dynamic Link Libraries
2022/12/21 JVN#43561812:
+Message App improper handling of Unicode control characters
2022/12/19 JVN#06093462:
Zenphoto vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2022/12/19 JVN#13075438:
Corel Roxio Creator LJB starts a program with an unquoted file path
2022/12/15 JVN#96321933:
Multiple vulnerabilities in DENSHI NYUSATSU CORE SYSTEM
2022/12/13 JVN#60211811:
Redmine vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2022/11/25 JVN#87895771:
Cybozu Remote Service vulnerable to Uncontrolled Resource Consumption
2022/11/25 JVN#53682526:
Multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in baserCMS
2022/11/24 JVN#29657972:
TP-Link RE300 V1 tdpServer vulnerable to improper processing of its input
2022/11/21 JVN#26044739:
Typora fails to properly neutralize JavaScript code
2022/11/18 JVN#13927745:
WordPress Plugin "WordPress Popular Posts" accepts untrusted external inputs to update certain internal variables
2022/11/16 JVN#24659622:
RICOH Aficio SP 4210N vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2022/11/16 JVN#37014768:
Multiple vulnerabilities in Movable Type
2022/11/14 JVN#54728399:
TERASOLUNA Global Framework and TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (Rich) vulnerable to ClassLoader manipulation
2022/11/10 JVN#75437943:
Aiphone Video Multi-Tenant System Entrance Stations vulnerable to information disclosure
2022/11/08 JVN#59663854:
WordPress Plugin "Salon booking system" vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2022/11/08 JVN#09409909:
Multiple vulnerabilities in WordPress
2022/11/01 JVN#46345126:
Multiple vulnerabilities in the web interfaces of Kyocera Document Solutions MFPs and printers
2022/10/28 JVN#74285622:
Multiple vulnerabilities in FUJI SOFT network devices
2022/10/25 JVN#86350682:
Multiple vulnerabilities in SHIRASAGI
2022/10/20 JVN#56968681:
Multiple vulnerabilities in nadesiko3
2022/10/19 JVN#10921428:
Lemon8 App fails to restrict access permissions
2022/10/14 JVN#74534998:
Android App "IIJ SmartKey" vulnerable to information disclosure
2022/10/11 JVN#74592196:[Critical]
bingo!CMS vulnerable to authentication bypass
2022/10/11 JVN#40620121:
The installer of Sony Content Transfer may insecurely load Dynamic Link Libraries
2022/10/07 JVN#00845253:
Growi vulnerable to improper access control
2022/10/06 JVN#15411362:
IPFire WebUI vulnerable to cross-site scripting
2022/09/30 JVN#78862034:
BookStack vulnerable to cross-site scripting