Published: 2005-08-10T04:25+00:00    Last Updated: 2005-10-18T21:16+00:00

Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities


Microsoft has released updates that address critical vulnerabilities in Windows and Internet Explorer. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service on an affected system.

Event Information

Date (UTC)Description
2005-08-17 00:00 Symantec
ThreatCON (1) => (2)
2005-08-09 22:32 Microsoft
MS05-AUG: Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August, 2005
Via Microsoft Mailing List
2005-07-16 Microsoft
Microsoft Security Advisory (904797): Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Could Lead to Denial of Service
2005-07-13 NSFOCUS
Microsoft IE Devenum.dll COM Instantiation Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Vulnerability discovered
Several COM objects cause memory corruption in Internet Explorer(MS05-038,VU#959049)
Microsoft Windows RDP 'rdpwd.sys' Remote Kernel DoS
Vulnerability discovered
Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol service contains an unspecified vulnerability(MS05-041,VU#490628)

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