Published: 2006-10-03T05:07+00:00    Last Updated: 2006-10-08T01:32+00:00

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple and Adobe Products


Apple has released Security Update 2006-006 and Mac OS X 10.4.8 Update to correct multiple vulnerabilities affecting Mac OS X, OS X Server, Safari, Adobe Flash Player, and other products.

Event Information

Date (UTC)Description
2006-10-02 18:08 US-CERT
TA06-275A: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple and Adobe Products
Via US-CERT Mailing List
2006-09-30 03:59 US-CERT
Updates for Multiple Apple OS X Vulnerabilities
Mac OS X <= 10.4.7 Mach Exception Handling Local Exploit
a proof-of-concept code for this vulnerability (CVE-2006-4392,VU#838404)
#Cid: exploit.c
#Cid: 20271_exploit.c
2006-09-29 Apple
Article ID: 304460: About the security content of the Mac OS X 10.4.8 Update and Security Update 2006-006
This document describes Security Update 2006-006 and the security content of Mac OS X 10.4.8 Update.
2006-09-12 Microsoft
Microsoft Security Advisory (925143): Adobe Security Bulletin: APSB06-11 Flash Player Update to Address Security Vulnerabilities
Microsoft is aware of recent security vulnerabilities in Macromedia Flash Player from Adobe - version and earlier.
2006-09-12 Adobe Systems
APSB06-11: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and Earlier Versions
Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in Flash Player and earlier versions that could allow an attacker who successfully exploits these vulnerabilities to take control of the affected system.